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Skooltastik Tools LLC, Karen Davison of Skooltastik Tools is a Fraud and a Fake Business

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Skooltastik Tools LLC is owned and operated by Karen Davison and she both misrepresents and misleads. She will take your money while underpaying all her employees. She pays you late so you have to be dependent on her and stay with her company. She stole my last paycheck. The owner of this company is a lying thief. Karen Davison works under a company called Arise but is actually an independent contractor. She makes lots and lots of empty promises, she will send you your check late & she will even steal your last check as she did to me because you leave her company named Skooltastik Tools. Karen V. Davison is her real full name and she lives in Plano, Tx. She has affiliates all over Dallas and Texas & Georgia. Be careful. Never do business with this person. If you work under her you will never get paid on time and probably ever. she will pay you part of your check and make you dependent on having to stay with her company. Skooltastik Tools LLC is an independent virtual business that Karen Davison owns located at 5760 legacies Dr. Ste 302 Plano Tx. and at 7032 Autumwood Trl, Plano Tx. 75024 Karen operates all over the USA via the Internet Beware because you will lose your money with this thief. Use a different independent business owner if you want to sign up with Arise.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Skooltastik
Middle Name: Tools
Last Name: LLC, Karen Davison of Skooltastik Tools is a Fraud and a Fake
Category: Business


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