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Shellie Callender Cockerham, Louisiana Cheaters

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In 2014 My husband got a job at a local hospital and was sent on a work trip for a health land conference to Austin, Texas in October. This girl, Shellie, worked at the same hospital and was sent on this conference trip also. Along with a group of other guys and girls. The first night in Austin they had a mixer with an open bar, now my husband is not a drinker but let his guard down and enjoyed some drinks after encouragement from this female. By the end of the night it was just the two of them left at the bar and she asked him to walk her to her room. Now she knew he was married. And she also has a history of affairs with married men, he knew that. He helped her drunk a*s back to her room and she kissed him. Being intoxicated and out of town in a hotel she easily convinced him I would never find out. They had s*x for the first time then. After this he claims he avoided her and told her he loved his wife. I believed him because he was having s*x with me daily when he came back from the trip. I assumed something had happened and I was trying my best to keep him satisfied. She continued to text and call him and pursued him while he worked late. He fell for her again being caught in the excitement, he claimed he tried to stop the affair multiple times but she threatened to expose him and tell me. The affair continued until April 2015 when he finally quit the job to get away from her. She was so manipulative she got a new phone and called him the very next week assuming I would not notice the new number. She begged him to come screw her or she would expose him. Being an idiot he fell for her lies and went to be with her. On this very day I broke down and called him to pick me up he wasn’t at home, I called his cell and he said he was out of town, I knew where he had gone. After he abandoned me that day to screw that sick I confronted him about the number on his call list and I told him I knew he abandoned me to screw her. He finally confessed and said it was a relief to stop that’s why he had to quit his job to get away from her. He called her and told her he did not love her she was a terrible mistake. He claims he only liked that he was getting attention from another woman, he says she had no b***s and wasn’t even pretty but she was willing to have unprotected s*x. She was basically a sperm depository, he says he couldn’t even c*m from the front he had to turn her face down. She has horrible buck teeth so he said kissing was even awful. He was glad to be away from her manipulative behavior, she would cry and say she loved him and that he had to have s*x with her or she would tell his wife. My husband has since changed his phone number gotten off social media and found a new job. He threw away any reminders of that w***e. He has given his life back to G*d. That sick however made threats to murder me on her social media. She thinks I stole her man, my husband of almost 20 years. She has two kids from two different daddies and always goes after married men. Watch your man in Louisiana ladies!

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First Name: Shellie
Middle Name: Callender
Last Name: Cockerham, Louisiana
Category: Cheaters


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