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Sheena Golik, Illinois Cheaters

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what can I say…This chick is without hte biggest ho you’d ever meet. When I meet her I didn’t know she had a reputation for being a bar sl**.Needless to say she came up to me @ the village in wauconda back in june 05. Seemed like a nice girl a little young but she seemed sweet. She gave me her number and we dated for 8 months but she was always hangin out with people I wouldn’t say were good for here. She wasn’t ready to settle down so when I came home from training for my new biz I didn’t return her calls. well she called me for months askin what she did wrong…. didn’t want to hurt her feelings and tell her she was to wild…welll 6 months later ran into her mom…she said sheena was doing much better had a job and her own place. at that point I still had feeling for her but wasn’t sure about it. went ot see her..was workin @ toms tapper barrel in dive livin in a basement in son sh** hole.. Again started dating..shortly thereafter I get a call from the Lake County Sheriff becasue the house and the people she was livin with were selling drugs and their house got robbed she got held at gunpoint so the officer asked me if I could put her up for a while he was concerned the people she lived with would cme after her because she was the only one who didn’t get arrested. At that point I sat her down had a long talk and expalined I couldn’t be involved with this kinda c**p I have a 14 year old daughter livin with me. She promised to clean up stop drinkin and get her life together. I brought her to work with me and for a while she was rockin we were makin money hand over foot. speant new years downtown in a corner suite at the swiss and really started havin good life. well shortly after I severly injured my knee and needed her help…that’s when everything changed….Stop going to work iwth me…i started havin to reschedule appts and than wouldnt come home for days. finally had enough and sent her on her way last feb. When we got back together in june I prety muck babysat here begged her to go to rehab and then come to find out she’d been with two diff guys in a matter of three months..We talked I forgave her and within two months back to the same old sh**… fu***** billy…who buy the way sent her packin within a month..called me said should of listened to me…said she was a sl** and was fu***** around on him too. well now ahe’s livin in elgin Ill with two dude’s playin more I’m sure…I took care of this f* up pooba for two and half years before I asked her to work..what a nightmare…Then when I need the help and support out the door she went…leavin her 4 cats and all her sh**…Word to the wise Stay CLEAR OF SHEENA ANN GOLIK. WAUCONDA CLASS OF 2000. Should you not heed this warnin at least wear a rubber and wash afterwith bleach…that chick stunk…

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First Name: Sheena
Middle Name: Golik,
Last Name: Illinois
Category: Cheaters


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