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Shaun Rowe Cheaters

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let’s see… he’s abusive as h**l! we dated for 5 years, and all he ever did was beat the living c**p out of me… put me in the hospital numerous times. Hit me, backed a car into me ((i was standing behind it)) and left me when he hit me… pushed me into a busy street of oncoming traffic… and about a million other things. During those 5 years he cheated on me with every girl that he could get the attention of… ended up sleeping with a few and now has 2 kids from 2 different girls, and yes… i just found out, but those kids are from when we were still together, nice huh? well to go on with his story, we’ve been broken up fora year now and he still calls everyday, mainly to ask for s*x. He still can’t grasp the fact that i broke up with him and don’t want anything else to do with him. I’ve had several boyfriends since him and one of those times that he found out abt one of them, we went psycho and told me that he was gonna come after me and when he was done with me the next time someone saw me i would be in a gutter somewhere… b****y and unconscious… and he also said that after me, he was going to drive 3 hours to find my boyfriend ((who was away at college)) and he didn’t know for sure what he was going to do to him, but he would make sure he’d pay! so yeah, don’t ever date shaun rowe… he’s a very abusive psycho!

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First Name: Shaun
Middle Name:
Last Name: Rowe
Category: Cheaters


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