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Shari Biagi, Ventnor, New Jersey Cheaters

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Date: 5:46 pm

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I was engaged to a great guy who i thought was my dream come true. he works as a contractor and does jobs in peoples homes. a week or two before we got married, he started a job at the home of an old divorced woman. we got married, had a short honeymoon, and then after we came back, he finished her job. a month or two passes and one of my good friends sees my husband out at a bar with a woman he thought was his mother while i was out of town caring for a sick relative. when he started making out with her. my friend realized it wasn’t her mother! she confronted them, and they played dumb. when i got home, i confronted him, and he said that he bumped into her at the bar and had a drink with her and my friend must have been confused. i guess i wanted to believe it so i let it go. About a month later, it all came to a crash i found out i was pregnant, and told him, expecting it to be the happiest day our lives. instead he confessed that he had been having s*x with the old skanky horse-faced b***h since before we got married. i was devastated. he cried and promised to make it up to me and begged for my forgiveness. he said when we was working on her house, she would wear slutty little outfits and acted like a w***e. he wasn’t innocent but this classless douche came after my man knowing he was engaged like the cuntbag she is and continued f*****g him after we got married so he called her and broke it off with her, telling her to leave him alone, and i even got on the phone too. this wrinkled old b***h has nothing on Glenn close in fatal attraction. she started stalking him and i, calling and texting and leaving things at our house. she shows up at my in laws house looking for him and even some of his jobs. one day this nut job follows him during the day and then just happens to bump into him at a store. we changed our phone numbers email addresses and cancelled Facebook to try and get away from her. just when we thought she had moved on and was going to leave us alone she contacted one of my best friends and told her he was in love with her and she was in love with him and he was going to leave me to be with her. enough is enough i went and talked to a detective and filed a report for stalking and harassment and im on the verge of filing a complaint BEWARE of this low class sleazy slutty tramp!

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First Name: Shari
Middle Name: Biagi,
Last Name: Ventnor, New Jersey
Category: Cheaters

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  1. Posted By: Di
    Date: November 1, 2015 4:15 pm

    You poor girl. Someone should have given you some guidance before you embarrassed yourself like this. All you’ve done here is make yourself look spiteful and jealous. Your profane rant only shows that even though they have moved forward, you still havent. It doesn’t matter what you think of her appearance, he obviously thought much differently. And it wouldn’t matter what she looked like or what she supposedly did, said, or was wearing…if your man were honest and your relationship was solid, none of that would have mattered. For everything you think you know there are surely 10 more things you don’t. Like all men, he only told you just enough to be forgiven. Did you really believe him? And you married him knowing he had already cheated? That speaks volumes about your self-esteem issues. The real question is that if your husband has been unfaithful to you before and for the duration of your marriage, and you knew this…..why on earth would you even care about him. Especially when you say you have a child?? That should be your concern now instead of stalking her photograph and bashing people anonymously on social media. Looks like your priorities are not in order. Obviously he is not an honest trustworthy man. He was supposed to have allegiance to you. He committed to you. She never made those promises to you and broke them. He did. He is ultimately to blame. He is 100% at fault. Pointing the finger at her is easy, but doesn’t solve your problem. There will always be another her. Cheaters always cheat.

  2. Posted By: Mayor McCheese
    Date: November 26, 2015 8:24 pm

    Really? Your blaming her? Your husband f****d her before and after your wedding and while you are pregnant, and you blame her? How f*****g stupid are you?

    He’s still contacting her. Be sure about that. You are a low class fool.

  3. Posted By: Theresa
    Date: November 29, 2015 3:02 pm

    Leah Cacopardo, if you wanted to tell the story, tell the truth. WE have all seen this trainwreck from the very beginning. Your husband cheated on you with his ex before you got married and you caught him; married him anyway. Then, 3 weeks after you got married he decided that wasn’t enough, and lied his way into someone elses life. We heard every story he made up, while newly married and living with his mommy. How he made a mistake, he loved you but wasn’t in love with you, you lived apart, and he was believable! Pathological liars usually are. We saw every card, flowers, thousands of texts, pictures…..he went out socially with us, lied to us too, he visited her every day, left work to see her, his house, shopping, doctors appointments, and lied to you as well every step of the way. Then he lied and said you tried to kill yourself, and got caught! Once she found out the truth, she called him on it, and she called you and told you everything!! Then he pretended to be suicidal because he got caught. His mom knew, and threw you under the bus as well. How do you think we found out about the boxed lingerie you kept under your bed. She was disgusted. But that wasn’t good enough for him. He wasn’t done with his misogynistic ego boost.
    5 Weeks later he came back crying, cards, visits, a burner phone…that’s when WE called you and texted you and told you AGAIN to keep your dog on a leash….still he came back, same lies, same story……even after you got pregnant on purpose to think that would change him, he came back. She had enough, saw through every lie…especially when he left your first ultrasound, said he was going back to work, and came to try to see her!! How low can a man get! She herself went to your friend, to tell her to warn you…she SAW every text and voicemail he left. If she wasnt honest enough with you, thats sad. WE let him know he needed to leave her alone. You are both his victims. HE broke every vow he made to you, used the same lies to the both of you “Princess”, and ultimately got caught every time. It may make you feel better to blame her, but HE is the liar, HE is the cheater, HE is the shrunken ball wonder, tree puller-outer that you married. HE lied to your face to save his hide and you chose to believe…but in your gut, you know. We know. Everyone knows. He will never change. They never do…..
    WE have all moved on from the mess HE made last year, even with your new baby we see you havent. Your scornful, spiteful lying tirade, a YEAR later, only perpetuated HIS horrific behavior and your embarrassing state of affairs. It speaks volumes to the current state of your marriage. You should redirect your efforts.

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