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Shannon Lee Hansard, Tennessee Cheaters

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I was pregnant with my daughter and was in and out of the hospital. I kept telling my husband something was wrong with the pregnancy that I just didn’t feel right. At about 4 months I was in and out of the hospital 3 days a week. I knew something was going on because of how mean he had turned towards me and my other 3 children. I almost lost my daughter 5 times and my husband was NEVER available. Come to find out he was meeting her at her “hotel that she manages” and her apartments that she manages. She would threaten to come to me if he didn’t leave us (me and the kids). Its been a year. I chose to stay with him because I knew I was miserable in the pregnancy, tho not my fault I was stressed over possibly losing my babygirl. She came 6wks early. My husband claims he hadn’t seen her since before Christmas, but then owned up to leaving me and our children to be with her on New Years. I’m having a horrible time trying to forgive him, because I do love. He doesn’t leave my side now and calls me all day long from work to tell me he loves me and he’s sorry for his wrong doings. He’s even went looking for her with me and my kids so he can confront her about the lies she’s told me. She basically took all of my Youtube postings and told people they were for her, when the time frame was 2yrs before this all happened. She’s threatened me and my kids with attorneys. Then tells me she was weak he was telling her all the things she needed to hear. Only she left out the part where she took him on a job interview and gave him a handjob which turned into her taking his clothes so I didn’t suspect something. Then she took a necklace that belonged to me, and was mad that he buys his wife flowers but never her. They were together from Oct to Dec of 2013 and I ended it in January when I heard her voicemail stating that “I just pulled in the house, I love you”…When I confronted her she wouldn’t even look at me. She kept her eyes on her phone and on him. She now tells me he was just covering his tracks but she will NOT answer any of my questions, and won’t meet with me or call me to answer questions I have. I even tried setting the two of them up to watch their interaction with each other. My husband is so adamant that she’s lying that he drove me from bar to bar and apartment to apartment so he can confront her and tell her to tell me the truth. I don’t know who’s lying but I found out this is the 8th time she’s been married, she has 9 aliases and she says No one tells her no. But she also had affairs with 4 other men and split their marriages up and I don’t know how to just put her out of my mind and make sure she never shows back up in front of us. My oldest son is 21 and my youngest daughter is 11mths, this woman knew about all of my kids before we moved to the south, and she knew where my husband was and when he divorced his first wife. She admitted to thinking about him all the time and wanting to know what he was up to. My husband no longer goes anywhere unless me or my kids are with him or unless he has me on the phone. He doesn’t delete anything from his phone so that I can make sure she hasn’t contacted him, and now I’ve gotten to the point that I point blank call him out on his c**p. She left a note on my car about she’s a size 0 and I’m 6 months pregnant what do I have that she doesn’t. I had no idea who this person was until I got her phone call. I still don’t know her I know who she is. Her son sent me messages trying to stick up for his mom which is normal, but literally, I’ve been on anxiety meds, antidepressants and tried to explain that I didn’t have postpartum depression, I had my heart broken in to a thousand pieces. I’ve found out that she had an affair with him in his first marriage and was p****d off that to him it was a one night stand to her it was love. Then she had a miscarriage 3yrs later and threatened to tell me that it was his ( I wasn’t with him so it wouldn’t have affected me) She contacted my son and told my son that she turned her life over to G*d and wants to let go of that sin. So how do I turn my heartbreak over to someone, when all they do is tell me G*d is going to fix it for them and make them guilt free? I was fighting for my daughters life and she was calling my husband at the hospital to make sure he wasn’t lying about it!?!?! I since have chose to try and work on my marriage, I throw it at him every time he pulls some bullshit story about me being the love of his life, and I’m the only thing he’s ever done right in his life. She moves around nonstop because that many people know what she does. She’s been from North Florida to Mid Tennessee, to Georgia, Germany… She’s not military, but she makes it a point to go for truck drivers or men that do a lot of travel from home. She makes her hobby karaoke and thinking she’s going to hit it big time… She goes by Shannon Lee (Worley, Kirby, Romines, Bishop, Hansard, Rivers).

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First Name: Shannon
Middle Name: Lee
Last Name: Hansard, Tennessee
Category: Cheaters


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