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Shane Burley Cheaters

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He will lie about you. He will say you have a drinking problem, a temper problem and when that isn’t enough he will start spreading lies about your child. He will (a couple months after you break up) create some rumors that you are pregnant. He will prey upon the young girls in the coffee shop to get attention. He will boast what a wonderful man he is how and he is willing to marry somebody who is so messed up, for the sake of this “child”. A real man would confront the supposed expecting mother. Oh no, not Shane because he made up the entire story to get attention. He will repeatedly call, you email and send you text messages, when in the mean time he will tell others that you are a bit “unbalanced” and he worries for the safety of his own children, so much in fact, he does a background check on you. Only to find out that you have never so much as had a speeding ticketing. I have plenty of samplings of what he will be telling you as he spreads vicious, hurtful lies about you. But is it even worth it to post them? People will still believe the terrible things he says about you. He will sit back and laugh, knowing the he has slandered you, used you to pay his bills, clean his house, counsel him through suicide threats. And then he will move on to the next victim, finding pretty believable excuses to justify his actions. He will even tell everybody he broke up with you, when you broke up with him. And then he will find some outlandish reason why he broke up with you, probably because he can’t handle the truth! I am not the only one he has done this to. I am just a drop in his long list of victims. He slanders everybody he’s ever been with behind their back. But he’s sweet as cream to your face. He makes excuses for his behavior and blames it on his victim. Some of his excuses: she cheated on me (he’s the cheater though), I could have never lived with her, she had bad taste, she was a slob, she was too young, she was cold and evil, she shut me out, she didn’t spend enough time with me, she’s a stalker, psycho, mentally unstable, poor mother, she was married (who’s the cheater?)… there’s more. He will do all of this while being so nice to your face, you will feel kicked in the stomach. At first, you won’t believe that he said such terrible things about you because he’s so nice to your face. He will send you emails proclaiming his love for you. He will tell you he wants to spend his life with you, that you are so amazing. You will believe he really feels this way about you, why would he lie? He will make you feel sorry for him because his boss treats him so terribly. And his ex. And his family. He talks bad about everybody, and I mean everybody. People still befriend him, who wouldn’t, he’s charming and plays the victim to the T. Everytime he gets caught, he finds a new round of victims. His latest victim won’t even see what she’s headed for until its too late!

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First Name: Shane
Middle Name:
Last Name: Burley
Category: Cheaters


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