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Shahzeb Nasrullah Cheaters

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Date: 9:42 pm

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Shahzeb Nasrullah is a lying and cheating pig. He goes by aliases of Shawn, Shawn Nasar, Shah Nasr, Shawn Nasr, etc.. He plays as if he is single and never married, meets women online to have desperate s*x because he is addicted, he is MARRIED…..and I found out he has been cheating on his wife living a double life for over 5 years! He is a liar, cheater, user, and co artist. He uses women for s*x, money, favors, and green card/citizenship…. do NOT meet this loser. He is not a man. His cell is 818-253-6743 if he harrasses you run the other way and call the cops. He is also violent and tried to rape me…he is pushy and forceful. He tried to force himself on me and threw a temper tantrum like a kid not getting his way. He gets women saying he is rich and bragging about his car, house, etc…which is his WIFE’s and he still takes women to his house when she is at work out of town. Sick, pathetic human being…the devil…. he is also very abusive verbally and physically-I could see it….scary…..Stay away! He should be deported!

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Cheater Details

First Name: Shahzeb
Middle Name:
Last Name: Nasrullah
Category: Cheaters


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