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I signed up for a trial membership with on 2/25/11 for $4.95. On 3/4/11 I called and cancelled my membership and asked them to remove my credit card information from their database. Today, 3/30/11 I discovered that yesterday they made an unauthorized charge of $99.95 to my bank account. I immediately called them and again had to leave a voice mail (as no one is ever available). I then went to their site and emailed them. I eventually heard back from “Johnathon” saying they have a very strict no refund policy. I told him I had canceled my membership 3 weeks prior (within the 30 day window) so the policy didn’t even apply. He then replied that he checked their phone database and there was no call from my number. I told him I found THAT very interesting, considering I hadn’t even given him a number that I called from! He is REFUSING to refund my money. I have filed a BBB report and a complaint with the attorney general’s office, and also a letter of dispute with my bank. I am SO upset about this – as $100 is a lot of money to me!!

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