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Scott Smokoski, Fort Worth, Texas Cheaters

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He is charming, interesting, good looking… appears to have his s**t together and be a good dad to his kids…. Once he has captured you he changes. I talked to an ex after I broke up with him for cheating on me and she had all the same concerns and issues and although she did not catch him said she is pretty sure he cheated on her. How does it start? He lies or omits the truth in the beginning. Red flags you may come across I tried to ignore: He has a collection of womens underwear and tons of p**n, hidden photos of naked ex girlfriends, he was swinger for a few years. He engages in inappropriate contact with other women and ex girlfriends. He ogles women in an over the top way. He had an affair behind my back and when busted by me, then tried to cheat with me on the new woman. Even now he is still trying to keep me in his life. This man is broken, knows he has some serious issues but he is 54 years old… says counseling is too hard. He will say he will change for you, don’t believe him.

Unbelievable. Protect your heart and run away from this man.

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First Name: Scott
Middle Name: Smokoski,
Last Name: Fort Worth, Texas
Category: Cheaters


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