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Scott A. Scribner, Michigan Cheaters

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Scott carried on a two year intimate relationship with me during which time he led me to believe he and his wife were unhappy in their marriage and he was seriously thinking about getting a divorce. During this time he also admitted that his affair with me was not the first.

Now I’ve come to find out that everything out of this mans mouth the last two years was a lie! He lied to me about everything from when his birthday was to the condition of his marriage and everything in between.

THE TRUTH… Scott and his wife are active “swingers”, who appear to have a happy marriage, and have been registered as members of a popular site dedicated to the lifestyle since April 2007. Through the discovery of that information I also came to find out that his wife is bi-sexual. None of this was revealed to me during the two years he carried on our intimate affair.

In the end I was only being used for two years as a means of spicing up his s*x life with his wife, which of course was at nobody’s expense but my own. On top of that, given the fact that they are both swingers and she is bi-sexual, there’s no telling what diseases I may have unknowingly been exposed to for THEM to get their kicks.

By definition, Scott is nothing more than a SEXUAL PREDATOR who hunts for woman online to lure into his web of deceit to fulfill some sick fantasy for his wife and himself! He comes across as charming, attentive, sweet, kind and caring which are all part of his act so you don’t see what is really coming.

MORE INFO: -Scott A. Scribner was born in 1963, is approximately 6′, 160lbs with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes (wears glasses mostly, contacts occasionally). He has a tattoo of a fish of some sort on the small of his back. He also pays attention to his appearance more than the average person, which I assume has something to do with the “swinger” lifestyle.

-Known alias is Katt Simmons

-He lives in Shelby Township (Utica), Michigan and works in the Detroit, Michigan area.

-He’s an avid runner as well as beach volley ball player who loves anything to do with boats and the water in general.

-He frequents various social websites (Tagged, MyYearBook etc), Yahoo chat rooms etc. looking to meet women.

If he tries to contact you, meets you some where or you see him somewhere I strongly urge you to turn and run the opposite direction. Don’t get fooled by his act as he only shows you the Scott HE wants you to see and by the time you see his true colors, its too late.

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First Name: Scott
Middle Name: A.
Last Name: Scribner, Michigan
Category: Cheaters


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