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Savannah Wilson, Quartzsite, Arizona HomeWreckers

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Date: 2:37 am

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I’m writing this for a good friend of mine. It’s time this s***k knows what grown up consequences look like when messing around with a married man. My friend met the neigborhood side piece when her and her kids went out to her husbands department for a Christmas parade. She knew something was up when she wouldn’t look her in the eye. She knew from what her husband told her, that she was sleeping around with guys in neighboring departments. My friend who is the sweetest, most giving, most beautiful person in the world, didn’t deserve for her husband to cheat on her with this walking STD. My friend found out through the state, that her husbands resignation was forced. Right before Christmas, this fat sl*t who claims to want a family of her own on her Facebook page, pressed her mini boy t*ts into his face, activating his body camera and it caught what happened after. What she initiated that night, cost her explorer coordinator, his job, his house, his family and the respect of his children who were heartbroken to find out that their daddy had cheated with his explorer. Can someone please explain to this bit*h that when you want a family, you don’t try to take it from someone else. Cheating men lie. Nothing they tell their sidechicks about their home life is ever accurate. He even admitted to making sh*t up about his wife to Savannah, I’ve been banged by everybody-eager beaver, Wilson. You fall for it and you become the wh*re that messed up a family… and then you bring on all of the well deserved things that a cheating man will say about his nasty side hoe to try and keep his wife!! If she could only hear the way he spoke about what a nasty wh*re all of the guys say she is… So ladies, you can smell her coming from a mile away. Look out for Savannah the explorer… or should I say, the EXPLORED. Chances are, if your husband or boyfriend isn’t a decent guy and works with her… he’s been with her. She’ll ride anyone to TRY and get away from being the trash she grew up as. This fat home wrecker is quickly making a name for herself at the ripe age of twenty. She volunteers for her local fire and police department as an explorer but is also volunteering her additional time as the local c*m bucket for anyone wearing a uniform or badge. I don’t know who meets innocent kids and decides to help f**ck up their home life. If you know her, could you pass along that success has never been and will never be sexually transmitted. I wish her fat a** all of the karma that she has yet to experience for helping to destroy my friends family.

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First Name: Savannah
Middle Name: Wilson,
Last Name: Quartzsite, Arizona
Category: HomeWreckers


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