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Sarah Zimmermann Cheaters

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I met Sarah on Craigslist in May 2012, and we began an affair while she was married. I answered her ad for a FWB that her master (who she was also having an affair with) encouraged her to post. an ad for a female lover… After 2 months, she broke up with me, saying she needed to make her family a priority, but it really was because her master did not like me nor did he like the fact she loved me and he would not **** her if she was with me(I read the text and emails). I informed her husband of not only the affair she was having with me, but the long-term contractual master/slave relationship she had with the guy in Las Vegas ( it WAS and still is sexual…she would and still does fly off to Vegas to have encounters all the time)

several weeks after her husband left her, and with her master ignoring her, she asked me back into her life. I gave in, and for a few months we gave it a shot… until she flew off to Vegas to **** her master again days after my birthday, and then assaulted me when I found the evidence of her lies in her emails and text. we tried to get past it, but it all blew up on New Years Day, when I reminded her she was a liar and I had all the proof I needed to show she was still ****ing me over and ****ing the LV ******bag… she attacked me and called the cops. I spent two days in jail and have a concussion and broken foot and charges pending. . all because this woman couldn’t be bothered to be an honest person and tell me the truth about who she was and what she needed…. she is an honest to g*d sociopath.

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First Name: Sarah
Middle Name:
Last Name: Zimmermann
Category: Cheaters


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