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Sarah Bell Cheaters

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BE CAREFUL MEN, LADIES and anyone who knows this homewrecker. She comes off as a wonderful sweet hippie who loves you untill she uses all her fakeness and narcissism against you. If you dont jump to her every call she will make you fell like you belong in a deep dark hole. Not only does she force her so called freinds to do whatever she wants, but she f***s anyone she wants and pulles the rape/abuse card if she is found out. She had cheated ON EVERY SINGLE man she has been with and prowls on the men with money/familys/drugs or houses like any good succubus does. SHE IS A H0E!!! DO NOT TRUST!!! STAY FAR FAR AWAY!! She got her nickname for a reason but it should have been town bicycle!!!

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First Name: Sarah
Middle Name:
Last Name: Bell
Category: Cheaters


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