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Samuel Lazarus Portland DeadBeat

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Today’s topic brings up Samuel Lazarus originally from Irvine, CA now resides in Portland Oregon after being arrested by the Santa Ana back police and being subject to several criminal charges as well as felonies including grand theft, assault/battery, arson, gang affiliation, sexual assault/misconduct and possession of drugs. Samuel is a dangerous person with a violent history and background dating back to 2014. He is a threat and danger not only to others but himself. He’s given himself a bad name and bad reputation ever since. He has made many bad decisions after high school which still are impacting him today, not just criminally but socially as well. He also has a history of sexually assaulting and abusing women and girls as young as 11. The most recent incident involved child molestation and sexually abusing an 11 year old girl which has been spreading around the internet including Facebook. He’s also registered s*x offender in Multnomah County (Portland to be specific) Samuel is a sick and demented individual who doesn’t have any respect for himself or others. De He will continue being the same person he is until criminal action is taken against him and an end is put to him and his behaviors.

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First Name: Samuel
Middle Name: Lazarus
Last Name: Portland
Category: DeadBeat


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