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Sammy Shuebrooks (Sam, Samuel Shuebrooks) DMV Area Cheaters

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Date: 2:47 pm

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This guy is a liar. He gets off on manipulating women. He will love bomb you and make you think you’re the only one he talks to, when in reality you are one of many women. He travels all over the meeting women and having s*x in various hotels. His job allows him to move about but please believe he has a woman in every city. He’s notorious for having many online dating profiles. He uses to hide his dirty secrets. He has no soul and doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He drinks daily and probably has an addiction to alcohol to cope with his mommy issues. He definitely has a s*x addiction and is always watching p**n. He doesn’t even have to know you for a week before he’s sending d**k pictures. Be careful of this b*****d, he will use you and disrespect you, then he’s off to his next victim. He may even ask you for money. Also he may try to impregnate you only to push you for an abortion.

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First Name: Sammy
Middle Name:
Last Name: Shuebrooks (Sam, Samuel Shuebrooks) DMV Area
Category: Cheaters


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