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Salon Head 2 Toe Van Alstyne Cheaters

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Date: 7:46 pm

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Salon Head 2 Toe is infested with redneck ugly uneducated hillbillies. The licensed staff was forced to hair school to get off of food stamps, because they couldn’t pass the two year nursing program. The rest of the staff are unlicensed. Walking in to the junkyard they call a salon is like a time warp back to the 70’s, the last time any of them were even remotely close to being on-trend. It smells like a nursing home inside. Between all of the staff, they do not even have a mouthful of teeth. The salon owner Starlene Duncan is a vicious, jealous, and downright nasty woman, and karma is proving it. LOL. Everything she touches falls apart and her entire family has died in the past year, except for her ugly wannabe p**n star daughter Kirsten Ann Duncan. Kirsten can’t even shampoo her own hair or anyone else’s so no one believes she really did the schoolwork to get a license. Starlene Duncan steals photos of the work of reputable salons near Uptown and in Los Angeles and passes it off as her own. Anyone walking out of Salon Head 2 Toe is a head turner allright- people turn away as fast as they can to cancel the image of backwoods hillbillies that look like h**l- many even worse than the gross ugly stylists themselves. Star Duncan keeps credit card information of clients and commits FRAUD that way too. The employees especially Kirsten (the one with the 50 IQ) spend the day trashing other salons they are jealous of, but no one believes the reviews due to the rotten grammar. Star is too dumb to know that her husband is s******g other females and males, because he is looking for any way out. He is a mooch so Buddy needs someone with money. Starlene Elizabeth Duncan is so miserable and depressed wondering why everyone around her is dropping dead. Look in the mirror Star, and you’ll find the answer. LMAO. Avoid this dump…it wont be open much longer anyway. The hillbilly workers burned so many bridges by smearing local stylists that actually have talent, their career will be history when SH2T finally shutters.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Salon
Middle Name: Head
Last Name: 2 Toe Van Alstyne
Category: Cheaters

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  1. Posted By: Lisa C
    Date: October 21, 2020 3:58 am

    WOW, This woman gets around, found her on

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