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Ryan Taylor smith , Harmon elementary school teacher !!! 12/30/74 Cheaters

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This guy is a verified psychopath/malignant narcissist…… began seeing him and he was so very charming, amazingly likable, and he seemed to be everything I’ve ever desired in a man…… let’s say I should’ve known better since things seemed to be moving very quickly, with him telling me he loved me after second time hanging out together….. then I find out he’s married and a serial cheater and pathological liar… he also showed me strong sexual predator tendencies as in the way he “groomed” me so that he could sexually exploit me…. man has serious mental illness and he has been taking advantage of and abusing women for G*d knows how long….. he told me little girls in his classroom m********e and he just sits and enjoys watching them… he has to take a Cialis in order to get hard for a woman because he’s completely impotent at 43. He likes putting devices in his a**s while he has s*x with a woman for stronger o*****s and because of his jaded sexuality. Has a poor wife from Peru that is his slave and even works and makes money, cleans his house, cooks for him and raises his child on top of taking care of Smith. He abuses her and told me “he chose her because he wanted someone that “Couldn’t leave him”. He cheats on her constantly with any and every person possible. He has genital warts and gave them to me. I’m working on taking him to court and pressing charges

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First Name: Ryan
Middle Name: Taylor
Last Name: smith , Harmon elementary school teacher !!! 12/30/74
Category: Cheaters


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