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Ryan Schultz / Ryan Umbenhaur from San Diego, CA Cheaters

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Ryan Schultz is actually a man named Ryan E. Umbenhaur who is a Branch Manager for BBVA / PNC Bank. He used to have an instagram with the username RyanSchultzSD which he’s taken down probably due to fear of his wife knowing we had s*x on 8/25/21.

My unborn baby lost his/her life because of this man. I met Ryan earlier this year on Hinged and he was wanting a marriage and a baby. He was moving way too fast and was discussing marriage and kids without the 1st two weeks. We conceived a child in March as he wanted then he just vanished into thin air. Upon hearing of the pregnancy once confirmed, Ryan was ecstatic but little did I know, he was already married and provided me with a fake last name. He claimed to be living with a male college roommate & never I allowed me to visit his home. He even made a fake business card under Ryan Schultz but Citibank told me they had no employee under that name which Ryan denied. He fought me so hard to keep the child and be a family. Every time I agreed, Ryan continued to lie and vanish so I knew I was going to have to raise the child alone which caused me to have anxiety and have an abortion on 6/6/21. Due to the guilt of losing our baby, Ryan and I tried to have another child on July 19, 2021. Ryan continued to be physically unavailable so I ran his license plate. After extensive research, his true identity was discovered and exposed. Rather than an apology, a restraining order had to be filed against him due to a threat he made for being exposed. I had the case dismissed for it no longer felt necessary. Ryan and I texted back and forth right after the Domestic Violence Restraining Order hearing on 8/24/21. He came over to my place on 8/25/21 to explain his side of the story. Ryan said he was planning on getting divorced from his wife & that his marriage has been over for approximately 1 yr. He stated she didn’t have the s*x drive, her family didn’t accept him, and that she didn’t communicate & just exploded as she was raised “to be seen and not heard.” He also said that they were both dating other people and were sleeping in separate bedrooms. Ryan played the pity card and told me she was going to take 50% of his assets and have to pay alimony so he is waiting to file for a divorce and will attempt to buy her out of the condo they share when he does. I loved him Ryan so I believed every word & had s*x with him that night. He told me he loved me and wanted to see me again. Ryan and I always had an “electric” sexual chemistry and we always ended up in the bedroom. Ryan was very good at lying and making me feel like he truly loved me. He even got very upset when I questioned his love for me as he has never once shown it. His defense mechanism was achieved through gaslighting and making me feel like I’m neurotic.
The next day, I asked when we will be seeing each other again and he said he was busy Thursday night, Friday night, and the weekend. This was how it was our entire relationship. He was only available to text and couldn’t see me on weekends. It made me realize that his stories were nothing but lies to get me to sleep with him the night prior. He and his wife couldn’t have been over for a year because they still had pictures together in Jan/Feb of this year and we met in March and our baby was conceived in March. He said that he and his wife keeps each others pics as their main profile as they weren’t ready to tell their families of their separation. His wife’s friend Patricia said she wasn’t aware of his infidelity but it was hard to trust since she didn’t even react when I told her that her husband has been having an affair with me. Now she’s in “fear for her safety” and I’m curious as to what lies Ryan has fed her. Ryan even took down his fake accts and listed her as a wife (probably to show he can temporarily keep his d**k in his pants). Lol I am walking away from these loons. Their marriage is a complete joke!!!!!! I thought maybe he has other kids with the other women he was dating but I won’t even attempt to find out. He’s wasted enough of my time. I feel sorry for her because she probably thinks I want her cheating husband who didn’t give a d**n that he’s the reason a unborn baby is dead. I wasted half a year— she’s wasting a lifetime!!

Ryan sadly never felt remorse in the lost of our child and couldn’t care less about the current one we are having (makes me wonder if he was just planning on deserting me since I didn’t know his real name). I have no clue why he’s been trying to have a baby with me when his wife is able to have one. I wish men like Ryan would just get a divorce rather than committing adultery if they no longer finds their wives attractive or see them as a financial burden. There’s no need to destroy other people’s lives 🥺

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First Name: Ryan
Middle Name: Schultz
Last Name: / Ryan Umbenhaur from San Diego, CA
Category: Cheaters


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