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Rudy Ray Arrieta, Lynwood, California Cheaters

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Date: 7:15 am

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Rudy Ray Arrieta is a firefighter for the county of LA. Station 28… he has been married 3x, his current wife was a woman he cheated on his 2nd wife with and ended up marrying her. According to him, he made a huge mistake he was desperate and vulnerable from his 2nd divorce, which he caused because his ex knew what was going on and as far as I know both his exes have raped him financially, although he makes decent money he cannot afford to live on his own, he lives with his current’s wife family. Rudy and I came across on a dating site online, he lied about everything including his name, he goes by Vincent or Vinny Andretti or Arrieti… he lied about every single thing in his life, I finally found out the truth and he finally came clean. He still wanted to keep me around as his side piece while he “divorced” his current so called horrible wife whom he’s been only married to 1.5 years by the way!! but he claimed he was scared to lose things… nothing in reality!! he just knew he has nothing to offer and he leeches off women who believe his bullshit and end up partially supporting him because he doesn’t even have his own place!! He claims he does though, he lies about everything!!

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Cheater Details

First Name: Rudy
Middle Name: Ray
Last Name: Arrieta, Lynwood, California
Category: Cheaters


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