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Roshni Elizabeth Abedin Cheaters

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After 10 years of marriage and living abroad, Roshni and I returned to the USA to save money so we could buy a house and settle down when we returned to the UK. We were just about there with the savings and she went back ahead of me, while I stayed in the USA living at her parent house and working hard, supporting her while she got herself established over there with my to join a few months later. Within a month of her being there, she said she was having “sexual urges” and she did not know if she could control them. She then asked if we could have an “open marriage.” Of course I said no! You don’t get married if you’re into that kind of thing! I asked her to please control herself to save our marriage. Within a few more weeks, she was having s*x with other men. I sent her flowers on valentine’s day and she called me and started crying, because just a couple nights earlier she had given a handjob to an italian guy. That was it – marriage over, family ruined, and me, stuck LIVING AT HER PARENTS HOUSE with nowhere else to go. And of course, once her father Mohammad (who had recently said I was like a son to him) found out what was happening he called me a liar (he couldn’t accept that his little girl was this kind of person) and made it very clear that I was nol oner welcome in his house, so before I knew it I was living in a motel (still in her hometown, where I had no support from anyone). We then started a divorce and we were doing it pretty civilly, without a lawyer, and I did most of the legwork since I was the one in the USA, including getting a document notarized to cash out a pension account we had agreed to split. The day it was deposited, she made a transfer to her UK account for the ENTIRE AMOUNT (after we peacefully agreed that it would be split, and I’d gone and done all the legal paperwork and notarizations to make it happen). The theft was almost certainly her father’s idea, she’s messed up but she’s not that sick. It got bad from there! I eventually got my half (another long story) and I am happy to put this awful part of my life – 10 wasted years with her and her horrible family – behind me. I think I have said enough but the point here is that this is not a person you should ever trust with anything important, ever. She’ll lie, steal and cheat if given the opportunity and should not be trusted.

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First Name: Roshni
Middle Name: Elizabeth
Last Name: Abedin
Category: Cheaters


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