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Rosalita Servat, London, United Kingdom Cheaters

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Apr/06 Rosalita was allegedly separating from her then husband when she met a fellow student 9 years younger then her in her MBA class. They started to go out together, and she being extremely sweet and caring, he easily fell in love with her. However about 3 or 5 weeks after she started to go out with her colleague, she then gave her number to a lecturer (who is 20+ her senior), and started to go out with him as well. For 3 years Rosalita kept a relationship with both men, juggling weekends, social events, birthdays and holidays. Being extremely sweet, charismatic and plausible, she manage to convince both men about her absences (excuses included: working late, socialising with colleagues/friends, forgetting mobile at work, mobile battery died, baby showers, business trips, comforting friends and so on). She would also pass gifts from one boyfriend to another, such as getting a compass from the lecturer’s house only to give to her younger boyfriend the next day. She also gave her lecturer for his birthday the box of chocolates her younger boyfriend has given her for valentine’s day. She also convinced both men to wear the same perfume, and would buy both men the same gifts. To hide her relationship with her colleague from others, she would say he was gay. To those who overheard him saying she was his girlfriend she would say her younger boyfriend was in fact a fantasist obsessed with her. In Mid/08 Rosalita decided to focus more on the relationship with her colleague (the younger boyfriend), suggesting they had a future together, stating that she would try to get pregnant in 2009. She broke up with the lecturer in Jan/09 as she was (allegedly) trying to have a baby with her younger boyfriend. They were even choosing children’s name while in bed. She then changed her mind in Feb/09 and broke up with him, then begging the lecturer to take her back and marry her, and he agreed providing she moved with him. The younger boyfriend found out the truth hours before the move and told the other boyfriend (the lecturer), plus her ex husband the entire story for the past 3 years. When questioned by the lecturer boyfriend (face to face) on why she did it, she said that it was because she felt aroused by the fact a young guy has shown an interest in her. But then attacked the young boyfriend calling him a looser, and telling the lecturer that ”he should be happy that he won her, not the other guy or even her ex husband”. When questioned by the younger boyfriend (through text messages) about why she did it, she said she was ”confused, but that she learned with her mistakes and that everybody makes mistakes”. She also said that ”she really loved both men, but none of them ever loved her for real”. Rosalita lost both boyfriends, but as twist of events she managed to convince her ex-husband to take her back.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Rosalita
Middle Name: Servat,
Last Name: London, United Kingdom
Category: Cheaters


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