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Ron Slack, Frankfort, New York Cheaters

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Ron Slack was hooking up with his ex girlfriend behind his wife’s back (obviously). His wife first caught on when she found the ex panties in a backpack they use as a diaper bag. He claimed they were from three years ago, but seriously, someone should have found them by then if that were true. A couple days later she goes through his text history, following her gut, and finds four months of scandalous text history between his ex and him. detailing their hook ups at the Frankfort VFW, the marina, the Schuyler Tavern, a parking spot on Rt 28, and meeting up to go watch her play drums in her rock band. The whole time she is meeting up with him she keeps texting that shes with another guy and even engaged to him. Ron keeps texting her back that he loves her and will wait forever for her if he has to and that he has divorced his wife (they are STILL married) and that she has moved out. One day while the wife was at work he had his ex come over to meet their two year old son and cuddle with him. This man is warped and disgusting. When his wife found out she was upset but handled herself really well by only asking the ex that the affair stop…and then posted the text history on Facebook.


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Cheater Details

First Name: Ron
Middle Name: Slack,
Last Name: Frankfort, New York
Category: Cheaters


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