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Robert Torres Cheaters

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He has been at it since at least 2006 and is still in full predator mode. Goes by the following names: Keoki Keoni Alika Roberto Robert Bert Torres Reynolds Kaua Kaeo Ka’ahunui Ka’ahumanu Ka’ahanui DeRenne DeRenna Robin and Kalani Trueblood. He is a con man who lies about everything that comes out of his mouth. He has swindled Men, Women, Real Estate Agents, Business Owners. He even lies to children. He is very good at this and is very convincing. He is not Hawaiian, he is Mexican. His belongings fit into two suitcases and he is 47 years old! His Lies Include: Ex MLB player- catcher with Pitt Pirates (has bad knees and shoulders now and cant keep physically fit) Ex MLB coach-Wash Volcanoes (he has a fake championship ring that was available for fan purchase in 06) Purchasing home on Hopkins Drive in ElDorado Hills (he swindled money out of the real estate agent) Wife (Wendy) and daughter (sometimes Malia sometimes Brandy) were killed by drunk driver in 04 Owns Rousche Mustang (he says is in shop but really, one of his victims took it back) Has belongings en route on ship from Hawaii (and have been for several years now!)c Has cars and motorcycles on dock in Oakland (waiting to pick up but can not be released) Will open Gold’s Gym or LA fitness franchises Has three Crunch Fitness centers being built in Elk Grove, Concord, and Brentwood His money is tied up with an IRS audit …he will get to know you, never send a real picture and then something will happen and he will not be able to get to his money, his family will not be able to be reached, but he will have a way for you to send him money….DON’T DO IT!!!! I was suspicious, so I started checking out his stories about his wife and daughter…nothing could be found in the state he said the accident happened. His cell phone (listed above) is not registered in his name. The guy is a creep. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is….RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

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First Name: Robert
Middle Name:
Last Name: Torres
Category: Cheaters


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