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Robert Ormsbee – a cheater with erectile dysfunction

Robert “Bob” Ormsbee has been lying and cheating on his wife and family with a little honey from Texas(pictured with him). She’s smiling (well kinda) but she’s about to find out she’s been sold a not good bill of goods. Bobs insurance won’t pay for his cialis so it’s $300 for 6 pills. He has to take the pill a day or a half day in advance for it to kick in. Goodbye spontaneous s*x…. he also has a laundry list of ailments because he’s a VERY OLD 54 YR. his health makes him only able to take the lowest dose of cialis lol so the s*x won’t be good and this half smile will be turned into a frown before too long.

He’s pond scumb and he uses his work to wine and dine this home wrecker.

Like this:

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