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Robert Musmacker STDs and Infections

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37 year old gay white male with brown hair and brown eyes. Standing 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weighing in at 175 pounds. Infected with HIV and AIDS since Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Robert Musmacker from the Long Island town of Oceanside, New York was convicted of numerous crimes involving child endangerment and reckless conduct before being sentenced to 14 years in prison on July 21, 2010 after admitting to having unprotected s*x with nine people. His victims were men and boys aged 16 to 20 that he would seduce with alcohol and marijuana. Musmacker has been a level three convicted s*x offender since 1992 when he was convicted of raping a 6 year old relative. He went to prison and was released in 2001.

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First Name: Robert
Middle Name:
Last Name: Musmacker
Category: STDs and Infections


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