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Robert Gall JR, Wexford, Pennsylvania Psychos

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He is a complete control freak, he claims to want a woman who has her life together but all he really wants is a submissive housewife who should be seen and not heard. He thinks he is all that and believes himself to be a great catch. If you were to ask him how his past relationships ended he will tell you that he was the one to end it probably because it was the girl’s fault, never his. A complete hypocrite who also claims to want a girl who can be loyal and devoted to her man but don’t expect that from him since he loves to flirt and hit on other girls, even if he is in a comitted relationship. He has a serious drinking problem and smokes weed and has used coke and acid (that’s why his d**k is so pitifully small and limp). Robert needs to be the one who runs the conversation and his favorite topic is himself….where’s he’s been, the things he’s done, his house, his truck, being a firefighter, and the girls he’s supposedly dated.He will tell you all kinds of stories about his past exploits including his supposed sexual experience, all the places he’s been to, how many times he has been so wasted, like you would want to hear about half the s**t he has done since 90% is all made-up bullshit. He’ll ell you all about being a firefighter and all of those stories like you’re supposed to sit there and act like he is the only guy in the world who has ever done that. He is a spoiled brat who’s parents cater to his every need and thinks he can do no wrong. They have helped pay for everything he owns, he works for them so when he wants a raise he just tells them.He has admitted to his parents knowing about him drinking and smoking pot in the house when he was a teenager because as mentioned earlier mommy and daddy let their little boy do whatever he wants. Always talks about money and how much he spent or has spent on things, admitted drug dealer in high school.Brags about all the places he’s been and things he’s owned and acts like he paid for it all when really mommy and daddy bought it for him. He is very insecure about himself because he is an albino and will take it out on a girlfriend, he is very verbally and emotionally abusive. He has and will flirt with other girls and has cheated on past girlfriends. Best to not waste your time and avoid at all costs! He has been arrested several times for DUI and has lost his license at least two times. Of course his parents bail him out and get a good lawyer because heaven forbid their baby boy learn right and wrong and face the consequences of his actions. His parents bail him out of everything. If his lips are moving then he is lying, his eyes shoul be brown he’s so full of it. He is such a complete pathological liar he even believes his own BS!Rob has joined at least a dozen online dating site and yet again proves what a bullshit artist he is. On eharmony he claims to be searching for a woman with her life together, is responsible (pretty funny since he never takes responsibility for his own actions),and he claims he doesn’t believe in sleeping around…but he is on an adult site where you can find s*x with no strings and there he’s looking for a cheap f**k! Again ladies don’t waste your time he’s hung like a mouse and can’t get it up most of the time due to his alcohol and drug abuse. Besides he may be a closet homosexual! He belongs to a site called hornymatches under the name harley2005 and he’s looking for c**k! Another example of his hypocrisy is he also belongs to a site where you can find a mail-order bride! Let’s talk about the likely hood that he is mentally ill! He definitely shows grandeurs of delusion along with total paranoia and he is sociopathic and completely narcissitic tendencies. All he does is talk a lot, says he’s going to do this and that but never does a thing! All talk and no action, especially when it comes to fighting. He’ll call someone out but when it comes time to fight and since he’ll definitely get his a*s handed to him the first thing he does is call for the cops and then threatens to get a lawyer and sue! P***Y!!! The biggest debate about his family is who’s the bigger c**t…him, his mom, or his sister! Hid dad is a piece of s**t drunk like him so you can see where he gets it. He’s one of those guys who talks real big but has little or nothing to show for it. Here’s how he treats a girlfriend..he’ll take her out then ignore her to talk to his buddies but when another guy even speaks to her he throws a jealous fit and THEN pays attention to her. He can’t stand it when someone besides himself is the center of attention, he won’t say anything at first but then acts like a little boy who can’t get his way. He’ll never grow up. A final note, look out for him on personals,,, and On those sites he will seem like a great guy, feed you his line that he enjoys skiing, riding his harley,going to a long weekend at a bed&breakfast;, and having a quiet dinner at home…..ALL LIES! What he really likes is to drink until he pukes, smoke weed, and try to pick up some girl who has a low self esteem so he can easily manipulate her and turn her into the little submissive girl he really wants. Ladies DO NOT believe a thing he says!

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First Name: Robert
Middle Name: Gall
Last Name: JR, Wexford, Pennsylvania
Category: Psychos


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