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Robert David Kelley in Texas Age 36 in 2020 Liar

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This guy will lie about ANYTHING to try to scam money out of people. He steals cell phones, tablets, money, wallets, cars, you name it. He has even been known to steal the actual furniture from a single mom while she was relocating and then sell the furniture on Facebook Marketplace without her consent. Robert David Kelley AKA Bobby Kelley AKA Bobby Kelly will actually feign having cancer or H.I.V. to try to garner your sympathy. He does not truly have those diseases. He will use this as his “excuse” to remain perpetually unemployed. He won’t hold a legitimate job for more than a day or 2. He is a dishonest scammer and pathological liar and junkie thief. He refuses to seek help and remains a constant drain and strain on anyone he encounters. He will steal anything from you without a second thought and feed you every sob-story in the book to try to scam money or items out of people. He will tell you his own mother died and he “needs money” for the funeral. His mother, Rose B. Is actually alive and well in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. He is a sports fan and likes sports bikes. Born in August of 1984. Last known whereabouts in Austin and Corpus Christi, Texas. Originally from North Carolina. He particularly enjoys targetting women and single Moms. Sticky fingers and garbage mouth. Plays the “victim” as he actually victimizes. Lies, lies, lies. Beware!!

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First Name: Robert
Middle Name: David
Last Name: Kelley in Texas Age 36 in 2020
Category: Liar


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