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Richard Smith and George Norcross Cheaters

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NAACP sold out to crime boss and Bigot George E Norcross a known white racist who controls black people in New Jersey and controls dumb uneducated white elected officials who are brain dead and come from hillbilly land and trailer parks new jerry state Corrupt and sleazy greedy President Richard Smith aka JUDAS was begged by Norcross to to suspend certain branches that the white racist norcross fears he can’t control. Smith also fears he will lose his position as state president so he need to get rid of the poorest city in the nation by doing what Trump tried to do to Biden. They took the votes away from the members even though the candidates won. It is SO criminal and needs to be nationally exposed to the IRS and DOJ and the World

Large envelopes of cash mounts were slipped to various people who head up the naacp. Richard smith orchestrated the payments with norcross who secretly paid people off to suppress black votes of those who ran for office. The headquarters in Baltimore may unfortunately also be involved with accepting large donations of cash. This is Bribery.

The IRS, DOJ, FBI and not Agent Wray of the fbi, he’s corrupt and he is norcross friend and Christie’s old lawyer.

The iRS and GAO need to investigate the national NAACP and The Norcross brothers Congressman Donald Norcross and Political crime boss George norcross and the daughter Lexie norcross for cyber click click same s**t she did at the inquire before she was fired and Katz was later murdered.

They should also investigate norcross for erupts cyber breach Of our information being shared online by third party data brokers. This is down right criminal to the core.

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First Name: Richard
Middle Name: Smith
Last Name: and George Norcross
Category: Cheaters


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