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Richard Crowther Cheaters

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This “man” is a married college professor that preys on women half or less than half his age. He comes in the guise of a friend – supportive, will do anything for you, kind, empathic, caring, a guy who can cry. At first he will think you hung the moon and can do no wrong. Then the fun begins. Once you’re “hooked”, the isolation will start. He’ll become insecure of all of your friends, male or female, and eventually get you to stop seeing them. Then all your hobbies will have something wrong with them so you won’t want to do them anymore either. Because he is married, you won’t get ANYTHING that you want. Spend the night with him? Forget it. Dinner out? Forget that one too. Go somewhere…anywhere? Haha…funny. He starts out as a lively, adventurous person, but pretty soon he’ll start treating you like a hooker. He will literally do nothing more than come over for s*x, give you a little money to “help you out”, and then leave. The affection you first experience will be gone. Just s*x. The creative foreplay will be a thing of the past. It will all be about him and how you’re not pleasing him adequately. When you start to express a need, he’ll be gone like yesterday’s news. He will find someone else who isn’t so “controlling”, because g*d forbid YOU need something and it won’t be about you anymore. I happened to stumble upon some X rated emails between him and a friend of mine. He then told me it was ME with the problem because I got involved. Well, yep. Sorry. I have feelings. Guilty as charged. Once you out him, get ready for a blast. He’ll accuse you of everything he is doing. He’s monitored my whereabouts for the last 3 years just so he can say that I’m stalking him. He will also engage in a smear campaign to make you look like the bad guy so that he can try to get himself off of the hook. He told his department chairman that I was a nasty bad stalker going into his office (which I was…with his permission and sometimes even with him present in the office) and stealing tests…as though I even know where they are kept. He also told him we never had a relationship, which in a way is true. You cannot call what we had a relationship with any degree of honesty. He will turn your friends against you as well. The friend he cheated on me with “avenged” all the “terrible wrongs” I’d committed against him by stalking me online finding my profiles, harassing me verbally, and vandalizing my property. He also has no identity. None. His identities are situational. For me, he thought I wanted a happy, outgoing, active guy when he was not that. To get himself out of trouble, he has now dug up this Doting House Husband and Dedicated Professor act, when none of that is any deeper than his skin either. He exaggerates the health of his wife as an excuse, and while she isn’t well she isn’t that ill either. I suspect most of her illness is caused by the stress of living with him. By the way, she’s so “sick” he’s gone all the time, while she sits home and rots. Do not speak to this man, do not get near him, do not associate with him. Avoid him at any and all costs. Do not take his class and do not invest anything with him. Do not befriend him or have anything at all to do with him. He is poison and evil in every sense of the words. He has no business even being alive.

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First Name: Richard
Middle Name:
Last Name: Crowther
Category: Cheaters


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