Rhonda Malin, Cedar Hill, Missouri

This pathetic, old woman screwed around with my husband after promising him she would give him her husband’s tractor after she wins it in her divorce. It turns out he was pretty stupid and Clearly didn’t care enough n about me any longer after 25 years and he fell for it. They texted and talked on the phone all day long and she almost caused him to run our small business into the ground because he didn’t have time to work while being a fool! This w***e would call him when I was in the shower and at work when I was in the office and I trusted this guy. Never again! I try to keep myself cute and I’m petite and younger. It didn’t matter to my husband. He continued to persue this POS unpaid w***e even though she is sinfully ugly and vile! Ladies/wives – keep an eye out for this disgusting old woman if you are anywhere near Cedar Hill MO. She has no conscience. I’m sure her grown children would be proud. She is a saggy, old, dried up senior citizen who should have some dignity by her age. Ha!

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