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i dropped my car off and told them my AC was not working, there’s a rattling noise under the car and there’s a humming noise when i drive my car! when she called me she told me the freon balance was off so they fixed that but didn’t tell me if their was a leak or anything and then tried to say they couldn’t hear the noises. These noises are an EVERYDAY THING not just every now and then, so I told them that and they said they would keep my car overnight and try again in the morning. So the next morning they called said they heard the noise it was very faint and they can’t pinpoint where it’s coming from so they recommend I go to a nissan dealership after they tell me my total for the diagnostic and freon is $220!!! So I call RepairPal and the service department says it just sounds like something is loose under the car and the humming is probably the wheel barring, which is an easy fix.. which mean Broughton street service didn’t even do what they were suppose to and actually look at my car right …. it’s very inconvenient and a waste of money because now I have to take my car to carmax and my AC will probably start leaking again!

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