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Renne Hom San Jose CA USA.

She’s a user and an abuser. She is a s**t. She is always down to f**k. Hit her up guys and gals she’s a s**t bag for the taking.

San Jose California 95135
United States


[email protected]

(408) 489-3816

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15 thoughts on “Renne Hom San Jose CA USA.”

  1. It’s the scumbag Andre Jae Canepa (AJ) at it again to tarnish me. You just don’t learn, do you? Get a life! The past is the past and I’ve over on. I can do without a betrayer and slanderer like you in my life. You’re the real man w***e for going around sending your own d**k pictures and pictures of yourself in women’s underwear. Plus, you sexted a girlfriend of a guy friend of mine when you can’t get any from your current girlfriend.

    Actually, Andre’s the one who’s looking for a good f**k just because his girlfriend isn’t ready and willing for him.

    (530) 788-8386


    [email protected]
    [email protected]

        1. What an incest freak!

          Here’s a picture he took of himself wearing a panty of his younger half-sister’s:

    1. This is the retarded, immature, psychotic loser douchebag, Andre (AJ), who created this slanderous/defamatory post about me. He has my personal contact information since we used to be friends before.

  2. The truth is that Andre (AJ), now located in Grass Valley, CA, is actually the one who lied and cheated me out of my money when he ended up not paying me back like he said he would. He’s the kind of person that shouldn’t be trusted with money when I realized that I was just being used for money to buy him whatever he wants and whenever he wants it. That’s not what true friendship is about. One time, he pressed me into being used to release his sexual tension when he didn’t have s*x for a while after a breakup with an ex-girlfriend. He told me that it’s doing him a favor as a friend to let him sniff my privates so he could jack off to relieve himself. At one point, he stated that we would’ve been f*****g if I don’t care about my virginity.

    To top it off, he’s the real harasser/abuser by doing what he did to slander me first:
    The problem could’ve been resolved peacefully in private like civilized, mature adults. Yet, he was the one not thinking straight and being immature/childish to make it public.

    It’s his problem that he can’t move on and stoop this low to ruin me just to make himself feel better when he’s actually the dirt himself.


    This is one slanderous profile he created of me on Badoo, which had already been deleted. It’s a dead giveaway when AJ is shown in the last three photos, which he didn’t crop beforehand. That’s a stupid mistake on his part. Plus, I would never create my profile on any dating site. LOL… What a load of bullshit, which is what he’s apparently full of.

    Other than Badoo, he’s known to have a profile created on the dating sites, OKCupid and Tinder. Better look out for him.

  4. 10/27/2015 2:39PM

    カネパ アンドレ (Andre Canepa)
    you here?

    No. I’m still at home.

    カネパ アンドレ (Andre Canepa)
    ok, did you order the hodie yet jeje? or are we going to wait a bit more?

    I haven’t ordered it yet.

    カネパ アンドレ (Andre Canepa)

    Though, it would make better sense for Rurika to buy something like this for you since you’re her boyfriend.

    カネパ アンドレ (Andre Canepa)
    bio is boring
    the price won’t go down its knda lik a kickstarter thing
    kinda like
    but the reason i asked you is rika is poor rn
    it would be disrespect to her if i did that to her
    besides i do plan to rewmburse you
    do you get what im saying?

    Even if I do have money, I wouldn’t want to spend it so freely.

    1. He said that he’d reimburse me, but it never happened. That’s what’s messed up. This proves that he’s truly not a man of his word. Therefore, he can’t be trusted with money when he doesn’t have the intention (in his mind) to pay you back in the first place.

  5. Andre’s (AJ, originally named “Austin Logan Gayne”) current address must be: 15508 Robert Ct, Grass Valley, CA 95949

    He truly is a vindictive, slanderous a*****e.

    1. One time (when he and I used to be friends), he admitted to finding the bodies of 15-year-old girls sexually attractive. However, he won’t make a move on those teen girls (till they’re at least 18) despite checking them out from a distance. Other than that, he has a weird fetish for Asian women. He happened to briefly show me his p**n collection on his cellphone, which mostly consists of Asian women/p**n actresses. Also, he has his “secret” stash of nurse hentai DVDs that his guardians don’t know about, and he views them at night whenever he wants.

  6. Hey just wantеd to give you a quick heads up and let you ҝnow ɑ few
    of the pictures aren’t loading correctly.
    I’m not suгe why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in twо different internbet browѕeds aand
    both show the same results.

    1. It’s most likely this site that had issues with loading the photos in my responses then. Now they can be seen clearly albeit tiny. The guy (original poster) mentioned is actually a real creeper. Here’s one I received from Andre Jae Canepa (Panty Boy) lately:


    His young girlfriend, Lauren Rice (alias Ember Dew), is an aspiring photographer. Although she can seem nice in her best of moods, she’s a tempestuous, disrespectful, irrational, immature little girl in handling conflict where there’s two sides to a story. There’s no reasoning with her even when there’s a misunderstanding of sorts. Like Andre, she runs with emotions and assumptions rather than exercise self-control and think with logic, common sense and an unbiased mindset. She just blindly believes whatever Andre says when he doesn’t have proof and just makes things up and play the victim card–not taking personal responsibility for his mistake/misconduct. Also, she angrily cussed me out by telling me to go f*** myself (which sounds like her spitefully telling me to go die). Plus, she’s the type to bring others into the drama even when they’re not involved…badmouthing and gossiping about me to others about the bullshit that Andre told her about me. In the first place, she doesn’t really know me (neither does her boyfriend, for that matter) to be saying all that smack and jumping to conclusions. Would you want to deal with such a naïve, immature, tempestuous, dramatic gossiper?

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