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Reginald S. Raphael, Brooklyn, New York

Reginald S. Raphael is a sick and disgusting vile man . He will f**k and have s*x with any nasty random woman off the street . He goes to visit his older sister Dominique in Delaware with his cousin Richard , and they sleep with random nasty , white crack whores . One of their names is Crystal Harris . He works as a contracter for the city and is part of a union . He is 46 years old and still rents a one bedroom apartment in ghetto a*s East New York rockaway Ave . He cannot keep any good woman becusee he is a s*x addict and pays women to sleep with him. He sleeps with some of them raw . He gave me herpes please be aware of this nasty sick man !!!! This poor woman contacted me saying Reginald and his roommate got her high and raped her . He is the biggest pot head you will meet . He will literally have s*x with anyone . My life is ruined because of him I wish I knew how sick he was before I decided to mess with him . Be AWARE!!!!!!

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