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Rebekah Lynn Wells, Naples, Florida Cheaters

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Date: 8:56 pm

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Where to begin describing this lame a*s excuse for a woman..Rebekah Wells is worse than a serial cheater, she is a master manipulate with the inability to feel any sort of empathy or remorse for her actions, which is evident considering the h**l she put me through..Dated Rebekah Wells for almost 9 months and she cheated on me. She will sleep with ANYTHING DEAD OR LIVE. Will lie about anything to your face. Doesn’t matter what color or age you are. She is hated by everyone in city of Naples fl cause how big of a w***e she is. She prefers black d**k but will f**k anyone who offers her some c**k. This w***e has slept with over 20 black guys while shes was still dating me. She has cheated on EVERY man shes been involved with since she was a 18 year old teenager. Shes a GOLD DIGGER. If you have any money, she will steal it from you and will lie, cheat, and steal from anyone, including her family. She also sold all my stuff just because I went back to my EX wife. Shes had s*x with at least 20 plus men in the last two months without protection. Notice the big sores on her p***y lips. As soon as my back was turned she was constantly getting f****d. She f***s everything she can put into her loose p***y. She is a big time snitch and will call cops and the news media for every thing, she can not be trusted ever. She loves to post her own nude pictures online to attract her victims. This hoe just got arrested for f*****g a 15 year old minor, yet getting completely off the charges. This Rebekah Wells from Naples, Florida is nasty as h**l she not only has a loose p***y but she also has 3 different std s and her p***y smells like Catfish..Rebekah did affected me with Human papillomavirus and Gonorrhea now and I have to take medicine for the rest of my life….She lives on the internet, like FaceBook, Twitter, and her revenge p**n site. She goes to the news media and cries for attention. She goes to this attorney and sucks his d**k and f***s him so she don’t have to pay his legal fees….She constantly attacks webmasters because they refuse to remove negative postings about her. Don’t fall for her lies and broken promises. Rebekah Lynn Wells, Naples, Florida

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Cheater Details

First Name: Rebekah
Middle Name: Lynn
Last Name: Wells, Naples, Florida
Category: Cheaters

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  1. Posted By: John
    Date: January 6, 2017 12:52 pm

    You’re a moron you don’t need to take meds for the rest of your life if you have those STDS

  2. Posted By: Jack MeOff
    Date: January 8, 2017 12:05 am

    I love her naked photos so very very much. Thank u for taking nudes Bekah and allowing the interwebs to see them!

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