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Rebecca Morgan Cheaters

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This Girl slept with my brother and then about 3 weeks later told him she had aids my brother was smart enough to use a condom but there may be plenty more she has done this to and may not even know it and could be infected. My brother even got a call from the clinic saying he needed to be tested because she reported she had slept with him. I hope for her sake and her child Brayden that she will be okay and learn to take control of herself and not put other people in harms way. Some things may be a little off like her weight and height im not exact on those things but they are close. And The known date is when this happened to my brother.Im not sure if her son contacted the disease or not I sure hope not. I reported about a year ago and just wanted to update again.

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First Name: Rebecca
Middle Name:
Last Name: Morgan
Category: Cheaters


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