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Randy Terell Musgrove Misc.

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Date: 10:26 pm

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I first met him he was a mechanic working on my car. I started dating him n that’s when things went crazy instead of fixing my blazer he totally destroyed it not only did he cut the wiring harness twice as well as all dour on my tires. He etched into the metal Dixie Mafia Randy. He staged my car to blow up. I ended up.paying three thousand dollars on parts rebuilt one engine n when that failed I bought another engine in the end there was nothing I could do but drag my only vehicle across the scales for scrap. He facebook cheated the entire relationship receiving naked pics from girls in his inbox to giving out his phone number to receive text from other women. He said it wasn’t cheating because he was famous. He’s not!! Now he is posting all the things he did to me but making ite doing it to him. He’s crazy beware. This man is garbage.

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First Name: Randy
Middle Name: Terell
Last Name: Musgrove
Category: Misc.


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