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Randy Larson Cheaters

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I am very saddened to write this letter regarding a situation that has come to light that involves my wife and Randall Larson. It appears that these two married persons again my wife married for 15 years and Randall Larson married for some 30 years have both signed up for secret encounters including s*x on the website www.********.com. It also appears that my wife with 4 beautiful children and husband at home as well as Randall Larson with two children and a wife at home, have created and designed a plan to betray the trust of their families and spouses for sexual fulfillment. 1. secret screen names on www.***********, a self proclaimed sexual seeking website for adults allowing all kinds of nasty and vulgar content. 2. Chat rooms were on this site www.********.com which I have uncovered that were used to graphically describing what they were going to do with each other. These items included things about a**l and vaginal s*x, oral pleasure which included copulation and more. It is just plain and simple disgusting. 3. secret text message accounts with instant messenger accounts which could be attached to cell phones for hiding. I have now reviewed dozens and dozens of emails with conversations from these two… all times of the day.. morning.. afternoon, night and late night. It is amazing they had anytime to do anything else with their jobs and real families. 4. emails with unknown names for both parties. These items came right to my wife’s phone so she could see it without a computer. I have tracked down both emails. 5. facebook pages.. yes the innocent social media website that my kids use… they were using it as a communication tool to facilitate their reckless cheating behavior.

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First Name: Randy
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Last Name: Larson
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