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Randy Bellamy, Nadia Alkudsy, Nadia Drake STDs and Infections

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Date: 2:56 am

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Randy Bellamy hired a secretary, Nadia Drake, for the sole purpose of having sexual intercourse with her. Little did he know she was a hood hopping hoe and he contracted phenomenal HPV from her. Randy’s wife got p****d and said Randy had to fire Nadia. In retaliation, Nadia accused Randy of rape and Randy whooped her a*s in court with all his Jew dollars. Nadia realizing everyone knew of her sexual disease and her whorish nature, found a new carrier. She fled to Oregon to seek a better life away from the shame and humiliation her infection had caused her. As for Nadia, be careful. She won’t tell you she has HPV until it’s too late. Her beef curtains are big enough to cover the infection. Unfortunately, her new husband wants a kid but her womb is so polluted she is unable to bear children. As for Randy, he’s spreading his HPV to the tranny waitress at Cantina Mayahuel bar nearby. His wife could care less as long as those Jew dollars keep rolling in.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Randy
Middle Name: Bellamy,
Last Name: Nadia Alkudsy, Nadia Drake
Category: STDs and Infections


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