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dappa, one-don, ramon hall, chris, christaf mendenz is a dead beat father of five kids by four different women he probadly have two or three more on the way since he loves to f**k raw with everybody yes and yes he also has herpes and he had gonorrhea years back from his second supposed daughter mother yes a nasty spanish b***h too and he love to beat women everybody can attest to that who has been with him . I can write this because I am a victim of his lies and abuse and his nastiness. Yes I said it because he loves to tell you his d**k is out of “commission” when has an outbreak that sore on his p***s that burn like h**l and he would tell you when it happens its your p***y cause him to bruise pls.. not that it cant happen but its usually his out break and he refuse to f**k on it good for you if he do it to you when it happens. also he will pretend and tell you how much he cares lets f**k around and make a baby because i love kids then he will talk bad about his other children mothers to you just to get you in his corner felling sorry for him poor Ramon yes everybody just cuss him out because he dont want them and yes he is the victim not even a glass of water any of his kids get all he dose is now drive around he use to walk foot and f**k here and there with krissy, amanda, quay, one b***h name hollywood d, then some other spanish b***h that was recently pregnat , trudy reynolds another krissy salvage and everybody on his facebook and the list goes on and this dirty b***h KASSANDRA ANGULO WHO LOVES TO SUCK D**K while her children is present which they arent his and smoke weed mother of the year this b***h is on 814 east 225th street and he use to tell me he at his gran mother while he knew very well he at the b***h house not only that he going to boston rd ever second and on 227th to this next b***h too. The angulo b***h told him she would kill herself.. jump off a bridge since he dont want her and he came back to his family such joke while he is with his family me and the kids now the b***h keep texting him all i apparently want this time around is just the d**k thats all I want because I dont want to give anybody else the p***y.. I hope you do get everything that comes with that d**k because she needs a father for her ugly kids and the list goes on now tell me if this dog isnt nasty then he has two women giving birth at the same hospital at the same time both kids are the same age and he is not doing nothing anything for any of them . come to know he has nowhere to live since I left and he didnt care to provide a home for his two babies the new born son which he wanted me to name after him plus or daughter who is the same age as the other child which he was f*****g his mother while living in my house at that time… so mrs w***e decided she wants him so bad that she consults a curanderas she and her b***h of her mother the apple dont fall far from the tree it looks like her father is not present in her just like the n***a who abandon his kids for p***y yes the b***h is ready to fight because his children was in the car his mom got him to work and feed his family .. what pains me the most is that this negro drove off leave his children that was sick and vomiting because the b***h call him cussing him about she was ready to fight me and his kids please you just another hoe he f*****g to lay his head somewhere a night all the lies is just a shame you is nasty enough to break up home and make my kids lay at night without their dad the new born plus his one year old because you want him to come lay with your kids b***h go look for your babies daddies if you even know them congrats on accomplishing turning his mind from his children all five of them he is just another sorry pants sagging dog not doing for his children his bishop told him there was a string in his belly i wonder what that mean that dirty b***h must have tie the f****r to herself but because a n***a is nasty and love to eat everywhere you will go down like that and since you cant be faithful and true i hope you love the attention pussywhole. Go take care of your kids… nasty mother f****r

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First Name: Ramon
Middle Name:
Last Name: Hall
Category: Cheaters


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