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Psycho Stalking Homewrecker HomeWreckers

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This chick doesn’t know how to take NO for an answer. My fiance and I BOTH asked her to leave him alone, to stop texting and calling him, but of course she ignored that request. She got so aggressive that my fiance had to ask his boss to put them on different schedules. Once that happened, the rejection must have been too much for her, so she downloaded a texting app that gives you a different phone number. She started texting herself from the app, very sexually explicit messages, showed them to her boss, and claimed they were from my fiance. They fired him over that. After getting him fired, she showed up to my father in law’s business and delivered a pink teddy bear that said “I love you”. Hoping that she’d FINALLY take the hint, my fiance ripped the head off the bear, threw it in the trash, and took a picture, which he sent to her. He also posted it publicly on his Facebook and Instagram, hoping she’d see it. Every now and then, he gets weird texts from unknown numbers, including one that said I was going to be murdered. Her name is Anna Tsalakas, and she works at Captain Trey’s in Cockeysville. In case you can’t tell from the picture, she’s extremely overweight, has horrible acne and nasty teeth.

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First Name: Psycho
Middle Name: Stalking
Last Name: Homewrecker
Category: HomeWreckers


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