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Professor, Assistant Dean Catherine Wilkins For Judy Genshaft College Cheaters

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Professor, Assistant Dean Catherine Wilkins For Judy Genshaft College

Professor, Assistant Dean Catherine Wilkins repeatedly found opportunities to cheat and lie and defraud.

Meet your honors professor at Judy Genshaft Honors College!

SOME HONOR! Catherine Wilkins tried to steal charity money with a CANCER SCAM!

Catherine Wilkins committed multiple instances of charity fraud, asking for charity funds for a cancer patient, but under dishonest pretenses.

Catherine Wilkins created her own scheme and pretended to be the “caretaker” of a real cancer patient.

She wasn’t.

Using this fraudulent tactic, Catherine Wilkins applied for grants, scholarships, and charity money. (CHARITY FRAUD.) Wilkins even put it on her job and internship applications, and told university staff and professors that she was “caring for a cancer patient,” and “paying all of their medical bills.”

She wasn’t.

Catherine Wilkins claimed she went into “debt” from these “bills.”

She didn’t.

Catherine Wilkins then asked for money from charities, making many dishonest statements and claims. (Fraud.)

Wilkins did this for many years, and to several universities and charities. Catherine Josephine Wilkins used her “fake cancer caretaker” story to get all she could out of it.

Catherine Wilkins wanted charity funds for herself… plus the respect, rewards, and sympathy that comes with being a “cancer patient caretaker.”

Pretending to be a “cancer caretaker” — Professor Wilkins also pretended to shave her head just as she has seen real cancer caretaker do.

Catherine Wilkins even pretended that she shaved her head. She made a fake concoction that was supposed to be her shaved head… when she really just cut and glued trimmings of her real hair to a bald cap, then put all of her own hair beneath the bald cap and wore a bandanna and a hat… just as she has seen real cancer patients do and real cancer caretakers do.

But Professor Catherine Wilkins FAKED it ALL.

This takes much time, planning, conniving, and effort.


Catherine Wilkins used a cancer patient’s real-life-and-death battle to lie on various university applications and in person to administrators and other professors… to add “good deeds” and “medical experience” to boost herself.

Fraud happens all the time around cancer, …and unfortunately fraud is common among professors and academia. People like Professor Catherine Wilkins only harm those with cancer, and hurt real cancer charities. It makes people not want to donate to good causes, because of the possible fraud involved. This also damages the arts and humanities (which Professor Catherine Wilkins is a part of).

This is the most disgusting behavior ever.

I have no idea why a person that committed cancer charity fraud and lied to universities with her own “fake cancer caretaker” scheme in now leading “Medical Humanities” at USF at the Judy Genshaft Honors College.

This is one of the most disgraceful things I have ever seen against cancer patients.

As a cancer survivor, I find this extremely distasteful and inappropriate to say the least.

An event was hosted on Jan 18, 2020 called “9th Annual Global Health Conference” at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, Lake Nona, FL.

It is an atrocity to cancer survivors and patients, that Dr. Catherine Wilkins, who has committed various forms of Cancer Charity Fraud and cancer patient abuses spoke there.

There are many images and document copies of Professor Catherine Wilkins’ attempts at charity fraud.

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First Name: Professor,
Middle Name: Assistant
Last Name: Dean Catherine Wilkins For Judy Genshaft College
Category: Cheaters


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