Philip Tullo of Hopewell Junction

Went to SUNY Buffalo with this b*****d. He may appear to be a kind, pious catholic, but he’s not. Phil turned out to be a stuck up backstabber who likes to pursue girls who happened to be dating this friends. My gf now ex gf turned out that she and Phil had a thing going on behind my back. I heard from some acquaintances who went to school with him at Our Lady of Lourdes that he has been doing the same s**t to his high school buddies. Not surprised if that were true. Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t waste your time associating with this obnoxious “I’m-better-than-you-because-i’m-a-good-Catholic” loser. He doesn’t really care about his friends and the feelings of people.

Like this:

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3 thoughts on “Philip Tullo of Hopewell Junction”

  1. This guy is very rude. Has a Donald Trump like personality when he talks to people of color. He comes off as too superior. Didn’t like how he was acting around my sister (she’s in high school). He’s awkward around her and it comes off as creepy.

  2. He acts like he’s the smartest out of all of our friends, yet he went to Pace Law, a lower level law school. It’s pretty pathetic. Still does hit on our girlfriends behind our back.

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