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Peter Ramirez Cheaters

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Cheated on his wife with another married woman! Played with married woman’s emotions and used it to his advantage. Strategically manipulated married woman to have affair with him convinced her that it would be their secret and no one would ever know said all the right things, pushed all the right buttons to sway her affair lasted for 3 years while they were both married. He has 2 kids to top it all off. He encouraged and persuaded each encounter knowing of her marital status and even his own; he prepayed for hotel rooms and always steered her in that direction, knowing what he wanted again, exploited her emotions to his advantage and nudged her each step of the way always brought up spending quality time together, and with each encounter, reinforcing to her that it was special to him and they both should be ok with it because they both cared for each other he even professed his love for her. Basically, said all the right things and at the right times, especially when she was having a bad day but in the end, he used her for one thing only. She eventually called it off with him after realizing what was going on and what she had done and knowing what she wanted out of life she snapped out of his spell she mentioned to him that their friends with benefits relationship is over and they can still remain friends but without the benefits. guess what, he never pursued her again! Off to the next married woman I guess To back this up, there is proof: 1) email exchanges between him and the married woman while he was married and 2) written confession from the married woman detailing their affair which happened while he was married. He also goes by the names:Peter RamirezPedro RamirezPeter J. RamirezPedro J. RamirezPeter Jesus RamirezPedro Jesus RamirezJesus Hernandez

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First Name: Peter
Middle Name:
Last Name: Ramirez
Category: Cheaters


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