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Pedro Known ARIOCH LISBON PORTUGAL Link on his house in Dscrpt Cheaters

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Date: 4:07 am

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That guy is Mental and Psyhopath. He has no respect and compassion for people. Alcoholic.,Harassed and Stalked her Ex-GF . Claim to change girls every day. Threatened people with death and to share naked picture of her EX GF’s/ Which is really nice person. Have family of lawyers. His GF went police and we all support her. We paid for private detective to bring a suit against him. Have fake FB. Be careful girls of Lisbon and Whole Protugal. Here is link on video with his voice. and his threats recorded by different people —->

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First Name: Pedro
Middle Name: Known
Last Name: ARIOCH LISBON PORTUGAL Link on his house in Dscrpt
Category: Cheaters


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