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Paul Stead OPP Police officer Prince Edward County Ghosting

Paul Glenn Alan Stead, 31 is a serial online dater from Prince Edward Country, Ontario. His mother and father Diane Stead and Glenn Stead owns the dairy and sugar farm; Stead’s sugar and dairy farm in Perth, Ontario.

Paul Stead can be found on the dating application Bumble. What he does is chats to ten girls at the same time, tells them how he wants marriage, kids and for the woman to move in. If you don’t drive then he tells you he will teach you to drive. He told my friend that, after reading what he told other girls, it was exactly the same.

He chooses women who live far away from Prince Edward County. He likes women who live in Toronto or the surrounding GTA. He further talks about how he’s happy that his ex-police officer girlfriends live 14 hours away now. He likes to keep women very distant for a reason and will drive 3 hours total to meet women for dates.

There are 3 main issues with this officer which I will address here:

Everything about this guy is odd right? seems perfect… He claims to be a very nice guy, but that he is very picky with women. He will meet women for dinner/drinks and if you don’t have instant chemistry, he will ghost you or block you without explanation, even if your beautiful and nice by his own account. (Not a very nice guy afterall.) Then he claims he’s always cheated on and wishes he could find a loyal and trustworthy girl. If anything he was saying was true, or he was mature, he would invest more time getting to know a girl who seems like a good compatible match ie likes the same things he likes, has the same morals, but he doesn’t, just blocks them with no response or explanation. For this, he will continue his pattern of never finding the right girl since he hasn’t matured yet to know what will make longevity.

After he spends money on the dinner, he asks to drive you home. Many women have recommended taking an uber or taxi. In the car (white pick up truck,) he forces you into intimacy claiming that he just spent over a hundred dollars on dinner and drinks for the girl. He states that because he is a police officer he can do what he wants and no one will believe the girl, so she should just obey and maybe it will hurt less and she will get to move in with him, where he goes on to talk about how nice prince edward country is and how his home is too big for one person. If she still doesn’t want to give in, he in turn rapes them. A few women have come forward online alleging this. Just like the women who do not take a drive with him, he still blocks these girls as well. He won’t ever be caught due to his occupation.

He is currently suing his police force for his own wrongdoings and has been demoted from Detective to constable after failing to do proper investigations, destroying citizens lives and theft from some of the drug offences. He has a very bad temper and isn’t a trustworthy man that a woman could consider a long term future with. If a girl wants a short term fling, he may be a good bet, he has a lot of women and will never be loyal, just make sure you want s*x if your alone with him because there isn’t any stopping him when he wants it.

He lies about being conservative, he’s actually liberal and very “open minded” into kinky and fetish abusive s*x. He drinks heavily and does use recreational drugs. I would avoid going on a date with him, but if you want a free dinner/drinks, go but be careful. He’s nothing who he says he is. He’s stripping so many women’s self-esteems.

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