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Paul Geneson, Colorado Cheaters

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Paul Geneson, is a pathological liar. He says he single to pick up women to date but this is a lie, he has been in an illegal green card marriage for years. He is married to a 51 year old woman from India, who wants to stay here in the USA, so she paid him & continues to pay him money. He always dates more than 1 woman at a time, so he is never faithful. When confronted with the truth he will try to turn thing around & blame you. But will admit that the marriage is fake, not real only in it for money!!! He also claims his mother is dead, she is not dead but alive & well living in Boulder, CO. He says this for sympathy & to avoid questions because his mom’s believes he should be under psychiatric care for his anger & violent issues, which he has been treated for since he was around 8 years old to his mid-30’s. When he stopped therapy & cut off contact with his mom. WOMEN BEWARE & CAREFUL OF THIS MAN, he knows how play & work people & the system! He is a pure user/taker!

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First Name: Paul
Middle Name: Geneson,
Last Name: Colorado
Category: Cheaters


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