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Paul Bonham Cheaters

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Paul Windsor Bonham III is a sociopath. Paul is very clingy and will want to move the relationship fast. More than likely will move in with a woman right away. Paul had one child from a one night stand in VA, married his 1st wife & had 2 children in NC, had 1 child with his 2nd wife in NY & 1 child with a one night stand in GA. No children with his 3rd wife. Paul lies and hides information about all of his past women whom he constantly stays in court battling. All children have been taken away and none of them have anything to do with him neither does any of his family. Paul is a convicted felon and preys on school girls whom he teaches at a public school and local university. Paul was diagnosed as a S*X ADDICT after he was caught in his 3rd affair with his 3rd wife then ultimately caught picking up prostitutes. He cheated on all of his wives and sent his 2nd wife to a battered women\’s shelter and horrible mentally, verbally and emotionally abused his 3rd wife. Paul uses religion as a ruse for his prey on women. He is constantly praising G*d and claiming how godly he has become. He boasts of his rental properties and living overseas. He claims he is bipolar and can not be held accountable for his actions. Paul is a workaholic and will not stop working at any expense. He is currently seeking “help” for his sexual addiction, but is often found soliciting s*x on craigslist. Paul is a very articulate man with a good education and is VERY manipulating and convincing and has perfected his game. Paul is incapable of telling the truth and has an underlying disdain for women and it will become very clear the more time spent around him. **Update on Paul Bonham: Paul met a new woman on a dating website in January 2012 and moved in with her right away. Very soon thereafter had his mother and son staying there as well. After the 3rd official date with this new woman, he proposed and she accepted. By AprlMay she caught him emailing another woman he met at the bank. While investigating this possible love affair, she ran across me. And I informed her that not only have Paul and I just divorced in March, but she was WEARING MY WEDDING RINGS!!!! Paul was confronted and played his typical broken hearted, victim self. Claiming he had never loved another woman like this before and began his suicide skit. He began vomiting and crying and begging for forgiveness stating how none of this information was what it seemed. Paul only has a couple of close friends, but they work the story for Paul. One friend in particular, a therapist, states nothing is wrong with Paul other than he\’s been hurt and doesn’t know how to properly love. Then there is his mother. She is THE sociopath which fuels Paul\’s inappropriate bipolar disorder. This man HAS NOT CHANGED!!! Still at the same games using and abusing women. And he is 50 years old!!! Please beware!

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First Name: Paul
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Last Name: Bonham
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