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Paul Alexander Sydney Hare Cheaters

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I dated him for 3 years and HE IS A SERIAL CHEATER. He ruined my self confidence. Played mind games. Once when we were in Malaysia he said he didn’t like me anymore and ignored me. Then I cried all day so up set asking what was wrong, we lined up at a travel agency to send me home and he said he was joking. It was those mind games that messed me over. He also said that I was a good replacement. He always begged to have me back after being caught 16 times over 3 years. He didn’t tell me he was married either. His wife found out about us. He lures girls on sugardaddy sites. He sells them his lifestyle but doesn’t wish to spoil them. He manipulated me to be away from my children. He ruined my life. He is a serial cheater, even has to love children who are younger than his marriage meaning he cheated on his wife who lost her virginity to him a year after as well and had kids. He has kept this secret for 24 years. She just found out but is weak. Catching him so many times has ruined my self worth, my confidence. He thinks I am too sensitive but it really has ruined me as a human being to love somebody so much and say he loves you but cheats with 18 year olds when he is 65. He even once said when we were going to America, can you really compete with the Californian girls. He is possessive and I suggest to stay well clear away, because we were so in love and when it was amazing it was great but he still could sleep at night being so in love, close to marrying and eloping knowing he was betraying me. He deserves to be shot. I caught him saying he loves me while texting another girl saying hed meet her in the apartment and cancelling on me. He also contacted 4900 women which is 6 emails per day for 2 years. He was caught with 185 contacts of women whom I assumed he had s*x with.

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Cheater Details

First Name: Paul
Middle Name: Alexander
Last Name: Sydney Hare
Category: Cheaters


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