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Patrick Dennis Dahl, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania DeadBeat

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My name is Patrick Dennis Dahl and I live in Phila Pa 19111. Back in 1999 my ex-wife gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Through the years I choose to lie, cheat, steal and degrade anyone and everyone that came into my life including my ex-wife. Since she wised up and left me I felt that getting back at her the best way I could was to “NOT pay child support or financially support my daughter at all”. I know that its wrong but in my eyes I think that this is getting back at my ex for not tolerating my Infidelities, the constant hitting on her girl friends, and trying to sleep with them. My ex-wife cares for my daughter, supports her financially, supplies her medical and has her about 80% of the time (if not more when I get a bug up my b**t). That’s the way it should be cause heck Im not much of a father I’m alot like my own mother that abandoned me. My daughter is a bright, beautiful, sweet young lady and I owe all that to my ex-wife for raising her. By me not supporting her I know that at times she had to do without, or didn’t get what she needed or couldnt go on trips or participate in things that mattered the most to her. BUT this will give her some tough skin later in life. She will know better than to pick a loser such as myself. She will know when to run away when a man lies on a regular basis. This is a lifelong lesson for her and I’m glad that I was the one to bring it forward for her. I know she may hate me later on in life but who cares, h**l I didn’t care enough when she needed me growing up why should I care later? Paying support is useless and I really dont see the need in it when her mother can support her. Showing my daughter that I dont want to support her, raise her, love her or spend time with her like daddies and daughter should will just give her a lesson in life that Daddies aren’t always good daddies sometimes they just say they are good daddies to hear themselves talk! It makes us deadbeats feel better when we hear it. Well when my daughter gets older and she goes to college, meets a wonderful man, gets married, buys a huge house and raises an awesome family, I know who will be in all the photo’s leading up to this…. MY EX WIFE cause she’s the one who stuck by her side no matter what and did what she had to make ends meet without government assistantace… she will deserve all the much needed credit 🙂

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First Name: Patrick
Middle Name: Dennis
Last Name: Dahl, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Category: DeadBeat


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